Actiq – gamified training app for athletes

From custom workouts to injury mitigation, AI and ML are rewriting the playbook. The future of sports has arrived, and it’s powered by innovation!
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🎖 The fusion of sports and cutting-edge technology has birthed a new era of possibilities, and at the heart of this transformation lies the dynamic duo of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). From personalized training to game-changing strategies, these innovations are revolutionizing the sports landscape.

🥋 Personalized Training: Imagine AI crafting tailored workout plans for each athlete, factoring in their unique strengths, weaknesses, and progress. It’s like having a digital coach by your side, guiding you to greatness.

⚽ Tactical Insights: AI, ML can sift through mountains of health data, revealing patterns that human analysis might miss. Coaches now have a tactical edge, devising strategies based on real-time insights, from pinpointing the best spots for shots to unveiling opponents’ vulnerabilities.

🎯 Injury Prevention: Monitoring athletes’ biometric data, AI can predict potential injuries and suggest preventive measures. It’s a game-changer in injury management, allowing athletes to push boundaries while staying safe.

🎽 Workout Virtual Partner: Want to practice without a human rival? Enter AI-driven virtual coach, honing your skills anytime, anywhere. These digital foes replicate real opponents, enhancing training sessions and preparing athletes for every scenario.

🕹 Actiq is a gamified training app for athletes spending from $160 to $300 a month on group trainings or remote coaching sessions. As part of the Actiq app, AI coaches can be customized and are superior to Human Coaches in real-time data analysis, race day strategy, tailoring and adjusting training plans, and not to mention — personal neutrality, empathy, and realtime feedback (compare it to once-weekly calls with human coaches). Unlike the competition with remote fitness coach aggregators like Fittr or ML-driven endurance training apps like PKRS and Enduco, Actiq revolutionizes athletic training with AI coaches through the latest developments in deep learning, decision intelligence, tokenized incentives (managed by AI) and constantly self-learning LLM allowing hands-free interaction with wearable devices. For only $20/month 😎

Our goal is to cut the costs of human coaches, change the training path with 24×7 available personalized AI coaches and gamified rewards. We democratize the way to be athletic to everyone.